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Frequently asked questions

1. Why study in Romania?
2. What is the difference between a university, a polytechnic university, national school or academy?
3. I want to apply to a Romanian university. Can I apply through Study in Romania?
4. How many students can apply for one spot in a programme?

5. What are the tuition fees at Romanian universities?
6. What about the cost of living in Romania?
7. Are grants and scholarships available?/ Where can I find information about scholarships?
8. Is there an application fee and do I have to pay the application fee for each programme I apply to?
9. Do universities offer housing (student dormitory, hostel)?

Applying procedures’
10. Do I need a visa?
11. What type of visa do I need as a student?
12. What is the difference between a visa and a student residence permit?
13. Do I need a residence permit?
14. How do I get a visa to study in Romania?
15. If there is no Romanian embassy in my country, how can I apply for a visa?

16. How many programmes can I apply for with one application?
17. The application deadline is before I get my diploma from high school/university. What should I do?
18. When is the application deadline?
19. Does my previous education have to be in the same field when applying for Master’s or Doctoral programme?
20. Do I need to take an English language test? Is there a spring admission?
21. Do I have to be fluent in Romanian or other languages?
22. When I'm applying to a Romanian university, who will evaluate my previous certificates and diplomas
23. What are the mandatory legal requirements for studying in Romania?

Finding the right study programme
24. Can I first enrol in a Romanian university to study the Romanian language, and then apply for a Romanian-language degree programme?
25. I'd like to study in English, but first I need to brush up my English skills. Can I enrol on such a course at a Romanian university?

General life
26. Can I get by in Romania if I only know English?

27. May I work while I study?
28. How can I find a job in Romania?
29. If I find a part-time job, do I need a work permit or can I work with my student residence permit?

Other questions
30. Can I study Medicine in English in Romania?
31. Can I come with my wife/spouse?

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