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General life as a student

Friendly people, scenic beauty! In Romania you will be living in a country of friendly people, scenic beauty and contrasts, from the vibrant cities to the rural areas where people still maintain authentic traditions, a lot of things are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Student social life covers a wide range of activities and opportunities to socialize on and off campus: student campus events, recreation, intramural sports, various student-run services, cinema, and theatre groups.

You can chose from cultural activities such as cinema, ballet shows, museums or recreational activities, such as playing sports, shopping, going out with friends, or traveling across the country during the weekends or on your vacations. Popular holiday destinations are the mountains (“The Transylvanian Alps”), the Black Sea and the Danube Delta.

Stay connected!
Note that you will be living in a country ranked 3rd place in the world for its internet speed. As internet plays a huge role in our lives, you have the possibility to make good use of it, from using internet for your academic work to staying connected to your loved ones, paying bills online, buy cinema tickets, book a cab etc. 

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