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Learning Romanian
Learning Romanian
Romanian is one of the five European Latin languages along with Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Romanian is the official national language of Romania and Moldova….and it’s fairly easy to learn!

Romanian language classes are organised in different universities within dedicated departments. The preparatory language programme takes a full year for undergraduate students, however for post graduate study, the course takes six months.
If you are interested in the preparatory course for learning Romanian you must apply either for a higher education programme and specify that you want to undergo a preparatory year first or directly for the preparatory year. Make sure you apply in due time – it is advised to start the application process in August, given the fact that the academic year starts the first week of October.

The following universities organise the preparatory year for Romanian language learning (as listed on Ministry of Education website).

Study Romanian language in your own country
You may choose to study Romanian in your country of origin. Currently, the Romanian Language Institute (ILR) manages 49 functional Romanian language lectures at various universities in Europe, North America, the Caucasus, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. By accessing the interactive map on the ILR website, you will discover details about their whereabouts.

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